American Music Festivals
Michele McGovern

Samir Hadzalic
Vocalist and Outreach Director

Samir Hadzalic is one of the leading Sevdah vocalists in the United States. His debut with the Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra was in 2014, at a concert dedicated to the legacy of Dr. Himzo Polovina. Mr. Hadzalic became Outreach Director of American Music Festivals in 2007, and has played a principal role in collaboration with the community.

Previously Mr. Hadzalic was Editor and Host of "Radio Voice of the Bosniaks Chicago," and Event Organizer for a "Celebration of 100 years of Bosniaks in the USA 2005" and the "Anniversary of the Statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2006" (Chicago Cultural Center). Mr. Hadzalic is also Founder and President of the Association Citizens of Prijedor, Chicago, and was a principal fundraiser for the rebuilding of mosques in the city of Prijedor. He has been leading an initiative to rename Skopje Street in Prijedor, in memory of Dr. Esad Sadikovic. Currently he is a featured columnist for "Bosnia United" Newspaper and is in demand as a performer, emcee, and adjudicator at Bosnian cultural events throughout the USA.